What Your Donation Funds  

Your donation goes directly to pay the cast, crew, and production team salaries, cover production expenses, and send the film out into the world!

Thanks to many in-kind donations and the comparatively low cost of shooting in Washington State, we only need to raise $360K

(Note: a low budget film is considered to be any film made for under $700K). 

FInding Family Project expenses by project phase

FInding Family Project expenses by project phase

The pre production phase includes all of the tasks that take place before the film is shot:

  • shot list and story boards
  • hire crew and cast
  • secure locations
  • set and costume design
  • rehearsals
  • pay production team

The production phase includes all activities related to shooting the film

  • pay production team, cast and crew, and animal wranglers

  • cater meals and snacks

  • transportation

  • location security

  • rent and build costumes and props

  • insurance

The post production phase includes all of the activities required to turn the footage into a film.

  • edit the picture and sound

  • add sound design (also called foley)

  • graphic art and CGI

  • musical score

Marketing and promotional materials

  • create promotional materials

  • submit to film festivals

  • meet with potential distributors

  • attend speaking engagements

In addition to cash donations, Finding Family is accepting in-kind donations of food, materials, equipment, and services.