Past Films

Meredith, under the production company Sleepwalk Productions, and in collaboration with many filmmakers currently working on Finding Family, has made eleven short films. All of the Sleeepwalk films have screened at film festivals and several films have gained distribution and/or been used by film departments in universities for educational purposes.

Three Mothers

Tamar's foster daughter is returned to her drug-dealing birth mother. Fearing the worst for her foster daughter, Tamar runs to her own mother to help her find legal help. When her mother, Sarah, refuses to help, Tamar learns that Sarah once had a drug habit and Tamar was placed in a foster home as an infant. A story of love, forgiveness, and the essence of being a mother.

Remember Me.

A survivor of sexual assault seeks psychological revenge as a way to reclaim her power and move on.

(WARNING, Adult Material)


Rent's Due

What happens when generations are born, live, and pay rent in a laundromat? Rent's Due questions communities that look to place blame rather than resolve issues.

Meredith considers Rent's Due, a black and white slapstick comedy, a tribute to her favorite slapstick artist, Buster Keaton.


Alistair MacLean: Y'did Nefesh

Alistair wants to convert to Judaism before his wedding. (Not uncommon in Jewish communities in the United States.) But Judaism is not only a religion, Jews also share a culture that stems from their shared history and values.

In our story, the board of rabbis find Alistair to be a fine scholar but refuse to officiate the conversion until he finds his "y'did nefesh" (Jewish soul) and send him to Dassie Goldblatt's Cultural Boot Camp.

Dassie is a drill sargent in an apron. She pushes, prods, lectures, and demands until Alistair stops trying to 'get it right' and finds his y'did nefesh in full glory.

Alistair MacLean: Y'did Nefesh is a heart warming story about an outsider becoming a insider. 


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