Sent Away--a film about a boy and his family's experience with therapeutic boarding school

Fifteen year old Jake's parents cannot save him from himself. Jake repeatedly skips school, stays out all night, runs away from home for days at a time, and has taken up with an older group of drug dabbling misfits. As a last resort Jake's parents have him transported to a therapeutic boarding school where he and his parents finally get the help they need.

Sent Away is a realistic dramatic film that chronicles a family's darkest time. Jake's parents stand by unable to stop their son's self-destructive behaviors as they fear for his life. Finally they make the most difficult decision of their parenting careers. They hire professional transporters (also called "goons") to kidnap their son in the middle of the night and drive him across state lines to a boarding school. Unlike many stories about therapeutic boarding schools, such as Holes by Louis Sachar, Jake thrives in the structured environment of a 24-hour long-term facility. The story will be told in a first person narrative and alternate between Jakes' experience and his parents' experience.  

Sent Away is scheduled to begin preprodution in February of 2017.