Why Tell Sad Stories?

On Nov 12th I attended a foster event hosted by the local non profit The Beautiful Collective. The collective encourages families to foster and provides support and information to foster families.

The event kicked of with a short film of inspiring and happy testimonies from adoptive parents. The adoptions were all the best case scenarios—foster kids who became legally free for adoption and instantly fit into their adoptive families. While there are many wonderful stories like these, fostering and adoption doesn't always go so smoothly.

When an audience member asked “Why don’t you tell any of the sad stories?” the speaker answered “Why would we want to tell sad stories? Who wants to hear sad stories?” I think any prospective foster family wants to hear about the wide range of experiences that fostering can bring.

Finding Family tells the whole story. While Danielle and Alex do find family with their foster kids, it is a hard earned happy ending. Each character struggles through the many challenges and disappointments that come with creating a new family with older foster children who have, until now, lived in less than idea circumstances. We want foster families (and the general public) to have a realistic view of fostering so we can help affect the best possible outcome.

All that being said, The Beautiful Collective is an excellent agency that provides a wide range of services. For more information you can contact the collective through email: thebeautifulcollective@mail.com.