Finding Family Movie is Looking for a Communications Intern!

Communications Intern

- daily posts to twitter and FB

  • -  write blogs for the project website

  • -  update the project website

  • -  set up meetings with local politicians to get statements of endorsement

  • -  compile lists of potential donors

  • -  help write grant proposals

  • -  the intern is also welcome help with the film production and scheduling, but this

    is not mandatory

    Finding Family


    There are two main components to Finding Family:

    1. Finding Family Movie
    Finding Family Movie is a feature length dramatic film based on a trues story.

    Log line: A horse trainer and her husband want to adopt a baby. Foster care convinces them to take in three troubled teens instead, including a boy with a history of animal abuse.

    This film is intended to encourage families to consider fostering older children and sibling groups. The script realistically portrays the joys and challenges of fostering kid who fall into this category.

    The film will be given free to foster agencies to help them promote fostering older children and sibling groups. Our team also intends to use the film to educate the general public about foster children by seeking online and theatrical distribution. All proceeds will either be donated to organizations that hep foster families.

    2. Finding Family Interview Project

    Our team has been interviewing adults who grew up in foster care, foster parents, and social workers who work in the foster system. These interviews provide resources for potential foster parents. They are available on the interview page of our web site. (http://