Corporate Sponsors!

Finding Family is a movie that can make a difference in the lives of many foster kids and their foster families.  

Timing is crucial! With recent deportations more and more children are flooding the foster system. Meanwhile the number of foster home in WA State is steadily declining. We need to work quickly to reverse this trend.

Your business can partner with us by making a small tax deductible donation (perhaps a of a percentage of your sales on a particular product). In return we will help you bring in more business by advertising your generosity though our website, social media, and our non profit fiscal sponsor CascadiaNow! You will also get a film credit!

Sleepwalk Productions (the producing arm of Finding Family) has  partnered with the following Seattle based businesses in the past:

Molly Moon Ice Cream,

Import Export Auto Repairs,

College Inn,

Swing Hair Salon,

Congregation Beth Shalom,

Northwest Film Forum,

Eclectic Theatre,

SuperGenius Tattoo,

Please contact us! Thank you,

Meredith Binder (writer/producer)